OCI Studio

OCI studio is an internet celebrity incubate group in China which request a feminine and playful identity. Facial features are applied as playful elements in the identity design, and pink aims to attract female attention. The board game is part of the marketing campaign that intends to invite female experiencing the way of becoming an internet celebrity. 

OCI Studio是一个中国网红孵化公司,他们需要一个有趣和具有女性气质的品牌形象。在调研中发现中国网络红人直播产业中,女性的脸部作为一个引人注目的物品不断地被消费,所以运用鼻子和嘴巴结合作为形象标识,粉色作为品牌颜色吸引女性的目光。 游戏设计是市场营销的一个策略,邀请女性体验和享受成为中国网络红人的过程和步骤。

Graphic Branding and Identity Design / Game Design / Package Design / 2016