Cut the Gap

Cut the Gap is a screen-printing poster that relates to the exhibition, Agitate – Propagate – 68! Provocations from Radical London. To mark the 50th anniversary of ‘1968’, a year of global protest and unrest, the Design Activism Research Hub (DARH) is staging an exhibition in the LCC Library with related events for students and staff during the month of May. The exhibition will display visual artefacts and publications related to activist concerns in London at that time; from international issues such as the Vietnam War to those closer to home: housing, racism, workers’ rights, and of course student revolt.


Cut the Gap is to call for "equal pay for equal work", as in the context of sexual discrimination, it has had gender pay gap, means that pay men and women working in the same place different salaries for similar work. The used ultra-violet in the screen-printing was first used alongside green and white as the colours of the Women's Social and Political Union, the organization that led Britain's women's suffrage movement in the early 20th century, since then purple was associated with efforts to achieve gender equality.

Cut the Gap 是一张手工丝网印刷海报,呼吁社会以及公司推动同工同酬。在性别差距的影响下,薪水根据性别也出现了差异,男性和女性在同一个工作地点做相同的工作量却获得不同的薪水。丝网印刷的紫罗兰第一次被用做呼吁性别平等是在20世纪英国女性选举运动中,同时和绿色白色一起作为女性政治社会联盟的代表色。​

Printed at RISO Room, London College of Communication

Limited Edition: 30 copies

Screen Printing Poster/Hand-made / 420mm x 594mm / 2018​​