Paid Patriotism: The Fabricated National Identity

This one-year project is my Master's program for graduation. It raises the question of “How to use graphic design as convivial tools to probe the fabrication of national identity”. This project starts from an analyse is of how the official entertainment activities like the Super Bowl in America and a literature study. Then a role-playing game is used as a convivial tool — a term put forward by Ivan Illich (1973)— to demonstrates the tactics that official communities have used to fabricate national identity and patriotism at the Super Bowl in the US. Finally, the project invites people to join in a game workshop to experience sellable and buyable nation identity in order to provoke the question of how citizens are manipulated by these strategies. All of these elements have created what you see today.

The role-playing board game PITCH simulates current sports economic activities. This game gives audiences opportunities to play with this financial structure. Throughout the role-playing game demonstrates the relationship between different characters in the research. An offline workshop is also able to open up a discussion for audiences and help them to reframe national identity within sports games.

Finally, a website was designed as an extension of this project, which expanded the boundaries of space and occasion, and enabled a wider communication with the audience.






Communication Design / Game Design / Package Design / Workshop / 2018

Exhibited at London College of Communication, UAL Postgrad Show, London, 2018