(Re) Distributed Media: Leakage

(Re)distributed Media: Leakage is the second issue of Positioning Practice. This edition includes pictures that capture the whole process of the workshop and text that is interviews among designers, artists and students, applying different printing method to visually separate the text and the photo.

(Re)distributed Media: Leakage是为一个主题为“泄漏”的工作坊制作的宣传出版物。灵感来源于流动物质水和油泄漏后的纹理,利用纹理效果响应这一主题。收集从不同角度采访的文字和工作坊的过程图片,分别使用银色纸张与白色纸张区分图片与文字。

Publication Design​ / 170 x 240 mm / 2018

Litho Press on Real Silver Paper / Riso Printing