UAL MA GMD Postgrad Show

UAL Postgrad Show - Spacial Design

The LCC MA GMD Postgrad Show was created as a visual design space, through using two colours to divide different zones. For example, achieve space shows the design research processes and methodologies from students, while show space and live streaming zone exhibit the design resolution and artwork. That was the first time that both the live streaming was put on the air, on rotation, in situ, in distribution, in (real) time and online. Check out to watch this exhibition. 


UAL MA GMD研究生毕业展的空间与视觉形象设计,用不同颜色划分展览区域。例如调研存档区域展示设计项目的设计调研过程和方法,展览区域和直播区域展示学生的设计项目。这是UAL第一次在的毕业展中尝试现场直播毕业展览,直播采用www.magmd.uk网站展出,并且链接至YouTube可以进行回放。

Graphic Branding and Identity Design / Spacial Design / 2018